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What's the DAMN Report?

The ViBE 99.7 FM Dance And Music News Report airs once

per hour, every hour to bring HUGE awareness for the

HOTTEST dance music events in Las Vegas and beyond!

Voiced by the legendary DJ and radio personality Holly

Adams. Each report is limited to a select number of events

to guarantee maximum frequency and exposure.

How many people hear the DAMN report?

In a nutshell...a lot! ViBE 99.7 FM is not your normal local radio station. Sure we blast the absolute best dance music on the planet across the airwaves of Las Vegas with pristine unparalleled speaker flexin audio BUT unlike any other dance music station in the country we have transmitter repeaters all the way from the Arizona border to Barstow and Barstow to Las Vegas and back again baby! The 40,000+ cars per day on Interstate 15 make ViBE 99.7 FM preset #1 for every dance music tourist and Vegas local that craves fresh exciting events, destinations and new experiences to explore!


Can I feature my event on the DAMN report?

Absolutely! Every approved event featured in the DAMN report runs a minimum of 8 times per day! That's right, your event will be featured on air 8 times per day creating huge awareness for your event with tourists and locals alike right here in the dance music capital of the world...Las Vegas!


How much does it cost to be featured in the DAMN report?

In celebration of the launch of the all new ViBE 99.7FM we are running a limited special feature offer to include your event in the DAMN report for the remainder of 2023 for only $100 per day, $250 for 3 days or $500 for the week! That’s right for only $500, your event will be featured and mentioned on air over 50 times per week!  

Sign me up!

Complete the form below with the details of your event and the legendary DJ & radio personality Holly Adams and her team will voice your event for approval to be featured in the iconic ViBE 99.7 FM DAMN report!

Select Your Feature

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